Beach Cruisers & Electric Bikes

Available Until Sunset

Custom Illustrated Map

Explore Coronado By Bike

Biking is one of the best way to explore the beautiful Coronado Island. You can cover more ground in less time or simply cruise around and stop when and wherever you want to explore landmarks and take in pretty views.

We’ve laid the map out for you! Included with our rentals is a safety helmet and a customized illustrated map crafted to show bike paths and bike-friendly roads all around Coronado. Explore and stop to observe the most scenic spots this vibrant San Diego island has to offer. At Sup & Saddle, we make sure you have everything you need for an awesome adventure, right down to marking restrooms en route for your convenience! Check out our kids’ bikes, tag-a-long, and kids’ trailer to make it a family outing.

Why Rent A Bike From SUP & Saddle?

Relax and enjoy your bike rental with peace of mind knowing that we carry out daily maintenance checks to ensure our bikes are secure and in optimal condition.

Rely on our customized illustrated map for the best biking paths, en route restrooms, and scenic spots to embrace the breathtaking views of the beautiful island of Coronado.

Rent until sunset! Spend the day cruising around and exploring the city while making stops for food and enjoying the colorful and vibrant ambiance of San Diego.

Make it a family-fun adventure and rent different-sized bikes suitable for the bigger and smaller members of your family. Grab your friends and create picture-perfect moments with our rainbow-colored range of Beach Cruisers!

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Bike Models

Bike Rental Specifications


Beach Cruisers:
-$29 per day (up to 12 hours)

Electric bikes:
– $19 for first four
– $39 for 3 hours
– $69 per day (up to 12 hours)

Please also consider an additional 17.5% service and maintenance fee

Rental schedule

9am – Sunset

Place of rental

At Coronado’s storefront located in Ferry Landing


Monday – Sunday, all year round

Rental duration

Until sunset depending on rental option (there is no overnight or multi-day rentals option)


– Helmet
– Custom Map

Choose Your Wheels for Cruisin’

Check out our funky and practical range of Beach Cruisers and Electric bikes. For those of you planning a group ride, we have a variety of colors to make your biking experience all the more entertaining and photo-friendly.


– $9 for first four
– $19 for 3 hours
– $29 per day (up to 12 hours)

Extra wide comfort cruiser saddle | Soft grips | 7 speed options


– $19 for first four
– $39 for 3 hours
– $69 per day (up to 12 hours)

Hydraulic brakes | Cassette gears | Rust resistant | Ideal for hill climbing | Lightweight


– $9 for first four
– $19 for 3 hours
– $29 per day (up to 12 hours)

For ages up to 6 years old | Removable training wheels


– $9 for first four
– $19 for 3 hours
– $29 per day (up to 12 hours)

Single-speed | Secure attachment | Lightweight frame | 20-inch pneumatic wheels

KIDS TRAILERFor 2 kids, up to the age of 5

– $9 for first four
– $19 for 3 hours
– $29 per day (up to 12 hours)

UV-protected windows | Front and rear reflectors | 5-point harness

Not an avid cyclist?

For the thalassophiles (people who love the sea), take a look at our Kayak and SUP (stand-up paddle) rentals, explore the aquatic side of the island, and experience the unique views of San Diego’s downtown skyline.

If you’re interested in a guided bike tour experience, we’ve got you covered. Pay a visit to our La Jolla location and find out more about our exciting activities led by our delightful and experienced tour guides!

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